Pressure from the Process

Maybe you noticed the past few weeks at Creative Collected have been a little quiet. Maybe you haven’t and if not, I’m not offended. Life happens, right? Our four lives are good, a little chaotic, but we have required a lot of rest. Here’s a little update as well as a revelation about pressure from the creative process.


July 30th Josh and Kelli welcomed their first child, Cohen (oh my gosh HE. IS. CUTE!). Along with the understandable magnitude of becoming first time parents, they had family come into town, doctor’s appointments to keep up with and all of that with little to no sleep. Kelli, the champ that she is, has been coping with crazy postpartum hormones while Josh has started working a new job. Brandon works an average of 60+ hours a week. Myself, well, apart from missing Brandon while he’s at work, I’ve had an increase of symptoms related to Aortic Valve Stenosis. The largest disruption in my life being the constant fatigue.


Needless to say, life can become overwhelming quite easily. Daily social media posts, although not excessively time consuming, became a lesser priority. Mental space for writing blogs has been minimal due to lack of sleep. Over the last four weeks we have focused on what we are all about: rest. I hope you’re able to extend some grace toward us. I also hope our transparency allows you to provide yourself a little grace too.


I’ve attended Professional Management classes involving strategy and promoting strict timetables for goals. I’m all about it, trust me. Organization is my love language. However, it all comes second to prioritizing our health. I feel a healthy amount of pressure to get social media posts up, strategize marketing plans, and write quality posts for our website. However, I need to keep that pressure in check. If I let the pressure take up too much authority in my life, it begins to fill me with anxiety.


We are instructed to “not be anxious about anything” (Phil. 4:6). I know that’s easier said than done, especially when we want to accomplish so much as quickly as possible. Here’s where I want to encourage you, and what I have been reminding myself the past few weeks: ‘I know you want to accomplish a lot. You have a lot to offer the world. Your creativity is important, but you need to take care of yourself. You need to steward your life well so that what I [God] have given you, you are able to sustain through wisdom and endurance.’


Rest well, friends. It’s important.


Ashlee Wright