Perfection: Creativity's Nemesis

Perfection… can’t live with it… can’t live without it. What can I say, I’ve struggled with being a perfectionist for-e-ver! It’s a strength and a struggle. It’s definitely not a healthy goal, perfection, with it’s constant beady little judgmental eyes watching over everything you do. And to be honest, living under the hold of perfection isn’t even biblical or healthy. So why then, do we strive to be perfect, when we know it’s an absolutely unachievable goal?


Plain and simple, Jesus gave His life for us, to be the perfect sacrifice we could never be. Yet even knowing this, we still struggle with this ideal. Maybe because perfection is Godly and we are called to live a holy and pleasing life? Maybe.


So, the question is, how do we actually shift our perspective from unhealthy and suffocating, to healthy and pleasing? The answer, which has taken me years to embrace and understand is… excellence. Understanding excellence vs perfection is something that has the power to release you from disappointment, shame, guilt and burn out. When we begin to work out the freedom of excellence, the negativity that perfection clouded over us starts to disappear.


Excellence is simply doing your best, bringing your best, and working to be your best while expressing your heart and the talent placed in your hands. That’s it! When we operate from a place of rest, while committing to excellence in all we do, freedom releases on us, our teams and even our churches and organizations.


Many years ago a mentor said to me, "the only person you can compare yourself to, is the you that you were yesterday." This became my mantra, and I carry it with me to this day! As long as my goal today, is to be better than I was yesterday in my gifting or even the task at hand, I’m doing okay!


Cultivating this mental shift within yourself and even those around you, will release an atmosphere of learning, excitement, and grace! A passion will ignite for the things you can achieve and goals with realistic standards will be what you work towards. In the end, there will be a much healthier mental space, a much healthier team, and a much healthier church/organization!


So please, release yourself from the grip of perfection and move towards excellence - see what God can do through you!

Kelli Wright