Reflection on She Speaks ‘17

Jokingly referred to as, “She-Speaks-Brain,” my thoughts are entangled between new information and editing previous assumptions. She Speaks Conference, hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries, is open to women who feel a God-pull on their life to be a writer, speaker, or leader in ministry. Personally, I’ve had a nudge in my spirit for many years to be a writer and speaker. My general expectation for the conference was: God is going to show up and speak something very specific.


Check out the video below




God, indeed, pointed out several specific things throughout the weekend. First, He affirmed that Creative Collected has launched at the right time, with the right motives, and is moving forward with the right vision. “Wow, that’s so needed,” attendees expressed over and over again as I explained Creative Collected. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Unless all these women are extremely good liars, Creative Collected was met with genuine intrigue.


Second, God affirmed Creative Collected’s purpose throughout the conference as two of the keynote speakers expressly commented on “rest.” Pastor Chris Hodges of Church of the Highlands said, “Rest is not inactivity,” as he furthered his point about taking care of ourselves as we minister to others. “Rest is worship,” Proverbs 31 Ministries writer and speaker, Chrytsal Evans Hurst stated. Conversations throughout the conference were laced with the word “rest,” but layered among language that we, at Creative Collective, know to be true, Biblical rest.


I attended a lot of classes with extremely practical information about the publishing industry. Who knew there was a difference between a Book Proposal and a One Page? Not this girl. All three days, my brain echoed, “oh, I didn’t know that.” All but two of the classes I attended were very well presented. To be fair, the classes that felt a little under-prepared for were last minute additions to the line-up. There’s grace.


The women I met were all-together lovely, and the interactions left me hopeful for The Church. The most convicting message of the conference came from Whitney Capps, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker. “If you want to make a difference in the Kingdom, serve in your local church.” It was so refreshing to hear someone advocate for local churches. Whitney confessed there have been times that people in her church hurt her deeply but she stayed in the church because of a deep conviction to love the church like Christ. We can't hope to accomplish anything of significance for THE CHURCH if we are unwilling to serve the local church.


I think anyone interested in writing, speaking, or leading in ministry should look into She Speaks and see if it's right for them. It's an expensive conference, however, the quality of industry expertise is unmatched in any other conference. I'm saving now for next year, and next year I'm going to bring some friends with me.

Ashlee Wright