Idle Hands

Cue the cliche: idle hands are the devil’s playground. Pretty sure I was four years old when someone passive aggressively attempted to get me to stop complaining about being bored. Growing into adulthood, now in my mid 20’s, I've learned how to be OK with being bored. But let’s be honest, being idle is never fun. Keeping a full schedule is so much more satisfying. Is it practical in the long-run? Of course not, because I need rest. We all need rest. So why is necessary rest sometimes so boring? The truth is: rest isn't boring, but idleness is.


Sitting around with nothing to do - just chillin’; we’ve all been there. Those times don't really feel restful, do they? The Bible describes idleness as “foolishness” and directly relates it to “laziness” (Prov. 10:2-8, Ecc. 4:2-6; 10:15-18). If you really call idleness out for what it is, it makes sense that it doesn't provide us with energy. It's a misuse of time and effort.


Idleness looks like: Attending event after event to “make an appearance” without cultivating quality connections

Rest looks like: Saying no to hosting an event so you can simply refuel by being with people you love


Idleness looks like: Scrolling through the same instagram feed for the 23rd time today

Rest looks like: Pausing for five minutes to actually pray for all the people you said you would pray for last Sunday


Idleness looks like: Consecutively watching more than two episodes of your fave current tv series when you aren’t due for a serious binge day*

Rest looks like: Engaging your creativity by picking up an old hobby you’ve let go of


As we’ve said here at Creative Collected time and time again, rest is not inactivity. Next time you are “resting” but you don’t feel rested, chances are you are actually idle. Make your rest intentional. While all of us need to mentally check-out at times and find rest, we all need to be aware of our idle hands.


*Personally, my opinion is that you can be “due” for a binge day if you’ve planned a marathon with your friends, you’re recovering from sickness, or bed bound.

Ashlee Wright