Readjusting the Path...

As I sit here, trying to write, for the thousandth time in a month, with my screaming 6 month old, who is cutting his first tooth, I can’t help but laugh. There is something to be said for the sanity of a stay at home/work from home mom. Good-ness, the noise… the bloody noise. It’s a miracle I can even hear myself think. But it really made me reflect on finding rest in the business and the noise all around us. HOW?! How do we actually find *rest* in the business and noise that is our modern society. Recently one of the pastor’s at my church said something like “it used to be just when you turned on the tv that you were bombarded with information stealing your attention away from being a parent, friend, spouse… etc. and now we carry that bombardment in our pocket.” I definitely elaborated on what he actually said, but it really struck a note with me, and that is where my mind took it in that moment. It’s incredible how accurate that picture really is. We try so hard to dial back the noise in our culture, and yet, its seemingly impossible. It’s seemingly impossible to find stillness, to find space to breathe, to find our prophetic posture. But I want to encourage you, even though it may *seem* impossible, it’s not! We just need to readjust the daily/moment by moment goals, so that we can reach the desired destination. Anything is possible when the path is created to combat our current busy, noisy, cultural realities. We need to redefine what rest truly looks like, and find moments of peace and calm, moments of deep breathing, moments of space within our days to recharge to take a step in the desired direction. So take heart friends, and remember, you are closer than you think you are. So, if you’re feeling discouraged it might not be because you are failing, you might just need to readjust the way you get to where you’re going. 



Ps. Attached is a video of me literally ‘adjusting’ my path in order to write this blog. It may have taken ALL day, but I got it done! :) 

Kelli Wright