Requirements of a Creative

My first day as a Hillsong College student, I was a nervous wreck. Rather than focusing on the reason I was there, Worship Ministry, I was drowning in anxious thoughts. I was more nervous than excited was because I predetermined that I wasn’t good enough to be there. There was so much comparison taking up my headspace, I forgot everything God had spoken to me to lead me to that point.

I was a self-taught musician from a small, farming community stepping into Hillsong Church. I was a poorly dressed American surrounded by sleek and beautiful European and Aussie students. I was weighted with self-doubt when everyone around me was ready to jump on platform and lead worship with seasoned professionals.  I had painted a perfect picture of a worship leader in my head and through scrupulous examination, I didn’t measure up. I didn’t have the right clothes, mannerisms, and definitely not the talent.

Now, here’s the part where you get a life-changing revelation and read about my worship- leader-hero’s ending, right? Wrong. My first time worship leading on a Hillsong platform was actually a rostering mistake. I did continue to worship lead, but the truth is, it was an uphill battle for me. After leading, I usually felt physically ill. As it turns out, I am way better at Creative Producing than singing. I think the reason why worship leading was so difficult for me was because I compared so much and cared more about being a Worship Leader than being a servant.

The truth is, there are no rigid rules to being a Creative. I thought I needed to look a certain way, sound a certain way. In reality, I needed to remain obedient, with my eyes on the prize: Jesus. Don’t disqualify yourself from being a Creative because you are playing the comparison game. It’s not worth it. Also, don’t make your Creative self an idol. Worship leading, pastoring, writing, parenting, business, designing, photography, dancing - the list goes on - those things can never be more important than who we do it for. Love God, love people, right?

Here are requirements for being a Creative:

  1. Unapologetically be you

  2. Generously give grace to yourself and others

  3. Persistently create in many forms through every season

I’ve learned a lot about being a Creative since starting Bible College. The more I learn, the more I realize God’s outrageous invitation of creativity extends to everyone. We simply need to be brave enough and humble enough to say ‘yes’ to Him.

Ashlee Wright