Revelations on Healing

It’s funny, how you can wait for-e-ver for something to break through in your life, when the only thing you needed to, ages ago, before the long wait, was step in the direction of healing.

The direction of ‘sorry’ can be a powerful thing. The direction of ‘I was wrong’ or ‘I could have done better’ can release something in the atmosphere that has the power to change everything! And my favorite, the direction ‘It’s okay, I forgive you’ can free you from the heaviness you don’t even realize you’ve been carrying for far-too-long.

I’ve recently learned that silence is the enemy of progress. I know that sounds strange, coming from someone who’s entire heartbeat for humanity is *rest.* And yet, it’s what I’m finding as I journey out this restful stance. Silence is not quietness, however, silence in this instance, the instance I’m referring to, as the enemy to progress, is quieting the voice/action/response required for breakthrough.

In a recent conversation with an long-lost long-time friend, I was painted a picture that literally changed my vision of progress, of breakthrough. Have you ever thought of your life as peaks and valleys? This ever flowing scale of ups and downs… literally. Climbing up, and then walking down… down… down into the next valley. And then what… you must start the climb again. This way of thinking, the way I’ve always though, always been taught, robs your joy in the midst of the journey!

My friend challenged me to think of our journey up the mountain as winding, in a circular motion, up, up, up, instead of a strictly vertical climb. This picture of a mountain, that I am climbing, with it’s rough terrain, on the shady side, and it’s springtime blooms on the sunny side, confounded me. I was almost angry at the fact that it took 34 years for someone to tell me… I had been looking at the journey of life all wrong.

If we picture climbing a mountain, up and around, up and around, up and around, we can literally exclaim for joy when we are on the rocky side of the mountain again! Because we have climbed one more loop, one more loop higher to the top! We are literally on higher ground. And the higher you get, the thinner the air is, and the colder it may get, but you are almost to the top.

So now, when I face rocky ground, I find thanks, because I’ve made it, a little further. And instead of looking ahead and thinking ‘great I’m in the valley again… I have to climb another mountain.’ I can look down and see ‘i have climbed so far!’

Visualizing this progress releases my soul to carry on, burden-less and free. It puts breath in my ever tiring lungs as the air gets thinner. And gives me courage to keep journeying, because, we weren’t created to eb and flow with the wind. We were created to conquer, and conquer I will.  

Kelli Wright