Sleepless Nights

What even is common decency? What is this code that we live by, the unspoken rules to a functioning and respectful society? The code that even the most remote and bitter human applies to. Is it written in our soul, to respect others, even if in the smallest way, like abiding by the laws and ordinances of the land? Or is it something deeper? Sometimes being stirred from your expected normal causes us to look inward and ask why? And if we let that why move from inconvenience to self discovery, we can find something deep within our selves, our beings that binds us together.

Now I’m not saying that you have to be friends with everyone, ha! As if that were even possible… I’m saying, deep down, we feel a true remorse and understanding when we see someone suffer… unless we are intoxicated or insufferable, I suppose. But as I sit here, staring at my ceiling, praying for one night of rest. One night, out of 14 so far, I am perplexed by the thread that unites us all… or most of us, I should say.

What is it, that combines us all. I’d love to dig much much deeper into this at a later date, once I’ve actually slept and can collect my rambling/wandering thoughts. But I believe it is the essence of what Creative Collected was founded out of. The fact that we are all created, by a creator, and therefore are creatives. We are all connected by creation, by the ability to see things and think things and say things that have never been said, seen or spoken. The fact that we are all laced together in a woven tapestry called humanity for betray to rise from and warmth to spread from.

I believe that we will discover this weaving, through our time together here at Creative Collected. Through sensory, encounters, friendships, words, songs, stories, and dreams. That we will find ourselves a part of something beautiful, and wonderful, and something that brings us together.

So if you find yourself awake at night, unable to find rest, dare to reach into the depths of your mind, spirit, soul and find your why. Look for the connection you have to others, art, moments that take your breath away, and discover something new inside you… that was probably there all along, since the beginning of time.

Until next time,


Kelli Wright