The Posture of Rest

If you’ve read our Website, or my original blog, you may have come across where I talked about that day in Sydney, sitting on my bed, looking out the window, over the rolling hills and trees, when my spirit was arrested by the Spirit of God. The day I discovered what rest actually was. It wasn’t this passive, sit around and take a nap type posture. It was an active posture. In my spirit I heard “Wait… wait for me… with anticipation… as a Hunter waits for his prey… then you will not miss me.” and it changed my life, forever.

This is where my journey began, in living a life out of a posture of rest, and so I think it’s probably the best place to start. I think up until that moment, and even still, I can be very afraid of silence. Like, if it’s dead quiet, my thoughts may overtake me, and I won’t be safe anymore. Trying to reverse that thought has been one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of journeying out rest. Stillness before God and creation. And walking out of that stillness, instead of trying to find it when it all just gets too loud.

The first thing I really had to completely overhaul was the mentality of taking a rest when I was burned out or worn out. Instead of taking a rest so that I don’t get burned out or worn out. It seems almost counterproductive to rest before battle instead of after. But the counterproductively standard was set by our society not our Creator, so why am I measuring my life against it? My society didn’t create me, so why would I let it tell me how I’m meant to operate. And so I began to rest, before battle.

When you rest before battle, your stance when you walk into battle is different. It’s freer, lighter, taller, stronger. Your energy is stored, your burdens are light, and your endurance is heightened. This was something it took a while to get. Staying in that restful state, before, during, and after battle. Letting go of trying to do it all on my own, and leaning forward, into, the One whose shoulders are big enough to handle it.

This is a daily journey, letting go! Finding peace in a busy world, isn’t easy, or even natural. But it’s absolutely worth the 30 seconds it takes to quiet down the buzzing business and center myself before the Creator, giving Him all my stuff, and anticipating His presence/purpose for my life. It’s absolutely worth taking a moment to breathe deeper, and stand taller before I walk into whatever is waiting for me on the other side of stillness. It’s changing me, from the inside out, and I hope it starts to change you.

You weren’t designed to carry so much, push so hard, tire so often. You were created for more, friend. So try to reposition, before the one who Created you, and see what life was meant to be.

Kelli Wright