The War Rages On

Whenever I think about war, I am equally saddened and thankful. Without it, we cannot gain ground, and yet, we suffer great loss, famine, and sorrow at the same time. When I think about war, it helps me to put a visual parameter on the tough seasons of my life. It helps me to visualize what is going on, in those seasons where my heart is both burdened, and broken. It helps me to find thanks in the midst of my sadness.

I have warred in my life. And I will war again. It’s just how humanity takes ground. And for years I let my sorry be the sound of my war cry. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that thanks in war time changes everything. A shift of perspective can deliver us from heaviness and burden. And it can allow us to find rest in war.

Rest is something our soul needs to survive this life. It was written into our creation, woven into our DNA, and yet many of us, most of us, don’t live from a restful soul. So I want to encourage you, find rest for your soul, and live out of it. For me, this is a daily process, beginning with perspective and posture. When I fix my stance out of a thankful heart, it’s much easier to release the daily burdens that somehow find me, and walk gracefully without weight or strain.

So next time you are warring, try to remember, you are taking ground! There is goodness in that, there is peace, and you can find rest.

Kelli Wright