Whimsy and Refuge

Some days, I seem to be more sensitive to the elements of grace around me. My skin is more sensitive to the touch of fabric across it. My heart pound a little harder when I am still. And I can somehow catch a glimpse of the goodness in front of me. I can almost smell a sweet aroma coming from my future. And I seek refuge in my Creator, and retreat so I don’t miss whatever it is, He is trying to show me.

I don’t know if you believe in God or not, but for me, it’s on these days that I feel Him around me. In everything. Through everything. It’s in these days that even my bones acknowledge His greatness. It’s in these days that I am acutely aware of how small I am, and how good I have it. And it’s in these days that I treasure the feeling of solitude with something, someone so much bigger than me.

I can’t help but smile when I think about times when I feel a kiss from heaven. It just really helps to put my tiny world into perspective. It helps to make my problems small, and my hope big. It gives me purpose and connection. It gives meaning to my tears and laughter. And most of all it inspires me to find rest for my soul, with the one who created it.

I don’t know what these kind of days or even moments are like for you, but for me, I’m found in calm waters. Like I’ve been on a lake, in a boat, and the water is so so choppy… then all of a sudden, without notice or sound, the wind pushes me from the rough water to calm, and I can hear again. I can hear every little detail around me. I can see where I’ve been, and where I need to go. And I can feel the warmth come through the clouds as the break over me and sun shines through.

I wonder, if these days would happen more often if we weren’t so busy. If we weren’t so distracted. Having so much noise on in the background… when at home, driving, at work, or even at the gym. What if we silenced out the noise more often, and made it an intention to be swept away on the lake? Do you think the wind would show up?

As I sit here today, with my senses aware that I am but one small part of the world around me, I feel drawn into the stillness. And I think, that maybe, just maybe, that’s right where I’m supposed to be. Still, in awe, in the presence of the one who Created me, asking Him what I should do, instead of telling Him what I need, for once.

So today, if you can, find stillness and just lean in. Feel the fabric on your skin, smell the aroma’s swirling around you, and just breathe in something greater than you.

Kelli Wright