Our Vision:

We see Creative Collected as a source of rest, refuge and retreat for the Creative soul. A place where you can meet other Creatives and form healthy, sustainable collaborations and relationships. A place where everyone is encouraged to operate in their true gifting and calling. We see Collected as a space to recover your life with Christ. With teachings, training, facilities, experiences, and local events, we aim to support our Creative Community in every way possible!

We see Creative Collected as a collection of individuals who empower churches, teams, and organizations by equipping Creatives with a new mindset and posture! We see sustainability and camaraderie, where there once was burn-out. Where there once was unrecognized creative expression and potential, we see the greatest freedom and collaborations of our time.

We see our Creative Collected Community bringing the global Church together! We believe that focusing on the greatness of our salvation rather than denominational division will grant us unity as we offer grace and understanding to our fellow Creatives. Our dream is that the Church would rally behind one another, rather than disagree over small differences. We aim to focus on the message of the cross and see beauty in the tapestry of faith.

We see our Creative Collected Resource as a space for Creatives to share their heart-revelations, and hard work! We see the resources we provide as a collection of a global expertise! As we continue to partner with more and more talented individuals (utilizing each person's unique calling and gifting) we will continue towards our goal, to be the largest platform for creative resource.

At Creative Collected Gatherings, we aim to inspire through many avenues of creative stimulation, whether through textiles and experiences or simply time to get away with God. Our dream is that you would meet with your Creator in a truly refreshing, path-altering way, every time you set aside time and space to  develop your ‘rest posture’ . We see Collected Gatherings as a place where you can get out of the daily norm, breathe in fresh air, write, read, paint, create - and do so because it's who you are not because you have a deadline to meet!

We see Creative Collected Worship as group of creatives operating in the designed posture of true rest, writing music collectively with friends from every denomination. Songs that can be sung in every church. Songs that focus on Jesus, the cross, and biblical truth. Relevant worship that honors our foundations as well as reaches our still-searching souls. We want to be a place where the expression of worship joins generations and removes barriers.

At Creative Collected we believe in Jesus and His expression of love on the cross. We see ourselves as a small, but not insignificant, part of the Kingdom of God. We see thousands of individuals uniting for one cause, rising up in rest and unifying the Church through creativity. We are praying for you, your teams, families and dreams! With you in mind, we look to the future as we seek out biblical rest and refuge as a community.


Our Values:

  • Our ultimate “why” must always be our holy vocation to embrace, embody, and extend the Kingdom of God

  • "Live lives [of honor, moral courage, and personal integrity] worthy of the God who [saves you and] calls you into His own kingdom and glory” 1 Thessalonians 2:12 (AMP)

  • This whole process must be drenched by the presence of God

  • We must make disciples and release others to their God-given potential

  • We are family, not human resources

  • We must be Aaron and Hur (Exodus 17:11-12) for each other when we grow weary

  • We must always have Biblical support for our language, branding, and resources

  • We live and work from a place of rest and maintain high efficiency